5 Things Naked people told me

I’ve touched thousands of naked people -Don’t worry- it’s because I’m a massage therapist! The more I listened, the more my intuition got developed (listening to your bodies) Here’s what I heard:

1. I forgot to breathe
Breathe is the first thing you do when you arrive on this planet..& also the last. It’s a universal tool you possess, always available & free! Be conscious of your breathe; take long deep breaths everyday, many times a day. During a massage, breathing deeply helps letting go & release tension. Go for it now! AAaaaahhhh

2. Let me move
Stretching is essential for a healthy body (and mind too!!) Sometimes you feel like moving during a massage, it’s okay and I invite you to do so. Stagnation= toxins. (Look at all the bacterias that accumulates in still water!) I incorporate mobilization & stretches in a session to give space in the joints & re-oxygen cells in the tissues. It also increase flexibility. Yoga is another great way to move! Namaste     

3. I’m thirsty
I know you are: -I’ve been using way more oil than usual- Your skin soak it up fast. That’s a sign you gotta drink more water (also knock out toxins!) I recommend water between Mai tais (Popular cocktail here, in Hawaii). Hydrating is crucial, so, drink up!
Tip: When your urine is dark yellowish & odorous: You need water!


4. I am
Yes you are! And you are perfect just the way it is. Don’t worry if you have extra body hair, prickly legs or lots of freckles. I massage you as a whole and I always put a sweet intention into it! A touch with love is definitely healing. Just let go!

5. It hurts so good
Deep tissue dosen’t mean pushing down hard with elbows until you cry. It’s actually accessing different layers of muscle one at a time, softening the tissue to go deeper -No pain, All gain is the way to go- Okay, okay…a little discomfort but no pain, otherwise, your body contract to protect itself and you no longer relax. And..breathe deeply!


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  1. Humberto Carbonell says:

    I felt the energy coming through your hands Melanie. One of the most magical experiences of my life. Mahalo!

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