Who is Mélanie Lemay

Mélanie is living my her dreams. Born in Montreal, Canada and now living on Kauai, Hawaii.

Walking the talk. Getting inspired by the world. She doesn’t suffer when she sees injustice or imbalance, but rather, she makes a difference. She plays in life, & plays ukulele at times. Mélanie supports health by being a massage therapist. She promotes joy & of course, happiness too! When you don’t find her practicing & teaching massages, you’ll find her hula hooping, dancing in circle, eating organic spicy food, being naked in the sun, discovering new friends (or enjoying old friends), having breakthroughs, doing yoga, empowering others, running in nature, using Q-tips, admiring ink (tattoos), making kale salad, watching transformational movies (and wanting everyone to watch it), organizing gatherings, traveling the world & reaching for awesome adventures!


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